Cat Fortress Jump App Reviews

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Not very good

I open the app and it gives the usual ad or two, And i try to play but its not very responsive to when i tilt the screen. It goes very slightly from the side even when i tilt the screen a lot. This needs to be fixed so the game is more easy to play.


I have an iPod touch 4 and when I get through all the ads and stuff and FINALLY press play, it crashes. Just saying, the producers should work on that or that its a waste of time.

God this is 💩

It started me off and I died without even moving, it dosnt explain anything and is just not worth playing time or money terrible just terrible I'm sorry I gave it one star NEEDS A MAJOR IMPROVE PLZ maby then ill play it but I'm deleting it now just a waste of time and money

So many ads

Don't usually write reviews but the ads in this are so bad! Its after every button you push.outta control advertisements. Less than one star if possible

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